OECD Innovative Learning Environments

In 2011, the Elementary Connected Classrooms project was accepted into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's Innovative Learning Environments universe. Our rationale for applying:

The Elementary Connected Classrooms project meets the criteria defining cases as an “innovative learning environment”. This project exists in three elementary classrooms with students from grades 4-7 students. It is an intentional departure from the traditional approach to education in its approach to technology and instruction; it has been an extremely successful pilot project in its district. Three teachers collaborate to combine their classrooms via daily videoconferencing, online collaborative work, and have students create a variety of multimedia content. This is a full time learning environment that is funded by a public school district, and is planning to expand the project to a second team of next fall. As collaboration lies at the core of the project, Connected Classrooms enjoys a broad organisational foundation and promises sustainability. In addition, the project has proved to increase the learning experience for students in a school district with a high proportion of Aboriginal students. Throughout the course of the project, we have witnessed new and exciting learning relationships and partnerships between students, and increased engagement and motivation to learn,
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