Monday, 5 December 2011

Reading Power

Aislinn Mulholland, one of my teaching partners, delivers weekly videoconference lessons on Reading Power Strategies. One of her recent lessons focused on Connecting, and more particularly, connecting to families. Students shared a read aloud via the document cam and Brigit about different types of families. The document cam and Brigit software has made sharing books together so easy! During the read aloud, students made connections to their own families, and shared their connections orally to the other classes. The lesson ended with students creating a family collage depicting their own reality. The following week, these collages were shared with all three sites, and students thoroughly enjoyed seeing the similarities and differences between their families and communities. Students are so proud to share their work with the other classrooms!

Thanks for the great connecting lesson, Aislinn. All of the students in my class asked to take home their collages as a gift for their family. 

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