Monday, 27 February 2012

ECC Winter Gathering

A short while ago, students in ECC travelled to Lillooet for our second Elementary Connected Classrooms Gathering of the Year. Each site hosts one gathering a year, and this time the Grade 4/5 class from Cayoosh hosted the event. Travelling between the sites helps to give the students a hint of the community contexts for each site, and an aspect of their community life is highlighted each visit. In October, students travel to Ashcroft for our annual visit to the Desert Hills pumpkin patch, in the winter students look forward to skating and swimming at the Recreation Center in Lillooet, and the year end gathering wraps up in Lytton at the Kumsheen Rafting Resort grounds. These gatherings are an opportunity for students to develop deeper relations with the students they have come to know through videoconferencing, monthly news videos, and moodle work.

The excitement on the bus was palpable the morning of the trip, and my students had been looking forward to this day for a very long time. The travellers were welcomed with giant signs made by the ECC class at Cayoosh and many welcoming faces. Students had a blast swimming, skating,chatting, and taking photos with their ECC counterparts from other sites. Moodle was buzzing with messages about the trip between students for several days.

A great day was had by all!

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