Thursday, 13 December 2012

Always nice to hear positives from parents...

I cannot believe that four months have already flown on by this school year. I will do my best to post at least once a month for the next few months! For now, a lovely story I wanted to share that originated from a conversation with a parent of one of my students...

At the Christmas Craft Fair this week, I made a point of talking with as many parents as possible. One conversation was particulary enlightening. 

I was chatting with one of the students’ mothers. We were talking about a variety of things and somehow the conversation turned to the Online Literature Circles. She talked about how this was the first time her child had shown an interest in reading novels. This surprised me because if I’d had to guess, I would have guessed that this student has been reading novels for two years. Her mother was so pleased that we were encouraging students to read novels. She read both novels that her child brought home in the nine weeks of Online Literature Circles and she was very impressed with the quality of the literature for the students to read. 
It was great to hear such a positive experience for both a mother and child originating in the ECC! Finally, I think it’s very important to share that I made a point of crediting my colleague Aislinn for having such a flair for finding and choosing wonderful novels for our students (and their parents!) to enjoy.

Image used via Creative Commons license taken by Daryl Marquardt and accessed on December 13th, 2012 from

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