Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Connected Classrooms 2011-2012

What are your favourite memories of Connected Classrooms this year?
What did you enjoy the most?


  1. My favoutite memories of Connected Classrooms 2011-12 is all of the gatherings of just our classrooms, which w: the Pumpkin Patch, REC Center and Kumsheen Rafting Resort. I really enjoyed meeting lots of other kids- they were all really nice and surpisingly... All 3 of the teachers are my most favourite yet!!!

  2. My favorite memories of Connected Classrooms this year was going on CC fieldtrips.We went to the pumkin patch and carved them in Ashcroft. We went swimming and skating in Cayoosh at the rec center, to kumsheen rafing resort in Lytton and did some sports. I enjoyed meeting new friends in the other CC classrooms. I also enjoyed going skating. I loved photography lessons too.

  3. My favorite part of Connected Classrooms was the last trip to Kumsheen because there was lots of stuff you could do like swimming,disk golf,volley ball,basketball, and teatherball. I also liked the lessons like doing the how to videos because you got to do whatever you wanted to do for them.
    I liked going swimming and skating almost as much as I did going to Kumsheen.Thanks for the great year!

  4. My favorite part of CC was going on the field trips. I liked the skating field trip. My best memoroies was meeting new friends. My second best memories was the pumpkin patchand carving the pumpkin. I liked the swimming trip too, especially meeting the kids from other questions.
    I liked the multimedia unit and learning how to create videos and share them.
    Jeremy, LES

  5. I liked the kumsheen rafting resort gathering in lytton.I liked that gathering because we got to go swimming.I liked the kumsheen place because we got to do lots of activities.I liked the gathering at kumsheen because I made a friend. My favourite lesson was book talks.

  6. Uhh... My favorite memories of CC is working on my IRP, The CC field trips, the Video Conferences, and Moodle. Other favorite memories are also meeting up with new friends on the field trips, and also all of the CC projects. I also liked photography, and lit circles. I enjoyed Moodle the most because I like to post on forums, and I also like to message, and read the posts. I also like to create threads on Moodle.
    .:Ignorance is Bliss

  7. My favorite part of the year was going to the pumpkin patch. I like that part because I got to pick two pumpkins. My favorite lesson was photograghy because I learned alot of photo skills.

  8. My favourite memories of Connected Classrooms this year because we met some other teachers and students in a video conference. I enjoyed talking to other people and messaging them when we are done our work. It was fun playing with people when we were on our field trips. I enjoyed lits circle book like Ghost of Spirit Bear.

  9. The most fun thing that I ever did this was swiming at Kumsheen. When we played big chess it was so awesome. My favorite lesson was photography and making videos. This year was crazy fun!

  10. The most fun memories field trips of the year are: The Pumkin Pach, and the swimming/skateing trip, and the Kumsheen refting resort and simming in the pool.
    Maya Isabelle Cure :-)

  11. I love everything about Connected Classrooms! I guess my favorite part was gathering together with the other classes at the pumpkin patch, the rec center and Kumsheen rafting resort. It was wonderful to meet students face to face! You are all special to me. I also really enjoyed working with Mrs. Mulholland and Mrs. Haller - they are inspiring ladies to work with!
    Ms Gregory