Thursday, 23 August 2012

Changing Times: Leadership Shift

Changes are happening in ECC this fall!

The ECC team will be welcoming Errin Gregory as the new ECC leader. Errin comes with a wealth of experience in both the classroom and digital world. Over the past two years, it has been a pleasure to work alongside, collaborate with and learn from Errin every day. Her innovative practice, collaborative mindset and research-driven pedagogy has been appreciated by team members and students alike.

I am shifting from ECC into Connected Classrooms 8 and will be leading this branch of Connected Classrooms in the fall. A component of my new job is now the district Technology Collaboration teacher, so I hope to keep close ties to to project and the colleagues that have brought me such fulfillment over the past three years.

We will also keep you posted as the position for the third ECC member is filled, and will soon be welcoming a new team member to the ECC family.

Congratulations, Errin!

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  1. Thanks Brooke! This is bittersweet...while I am excited to try out a new role and a leadership one at that, I am so sad that you won't be there on screen teaching all your fabulous AVID lessons each week. But, at the same time, I am very happy that you are the new Tech Collaboration teacher in the district - a position which you are perfect for! Congratulations to you too, and I'm glad that despite the changes, I'll still have the chance to work with you!