Saturday, 12 November 2011

Our Learners

The project focuses on students in grades 4-7, ranging in age from 9-13. Three classrooms are involved: two are grade 4/5 classrooms, and the third is a grade 6/7 classroom. Over half of the students within the project are of Aboriginal Nations ancestry. All of the students who would normally be in any of the teacher’s classrooms are involved, and the project hopes to eventually expand to make the Connected Classrooms experience available to all elementary schools within our school district.
The three classrooms in the project are highly intertwined, despite each school being roughly an hour’s drive apart from the other; videoconferencing and online programs are working to geographical boundaries. Elementary Connected Classrooms is one of many iniatives within our district designed to meet the needs of declining enrolment and rural isolation through technology and instructions; models exist within secondary schools as well. This year, there is also an English 8 connected classrooms that links secondary classrooms in English 8, as well as a variety of shared learning initiatives at the secondary level.

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