Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Team

Elementary Connected Classrooms receives support at a variety of levels within the school district. The current impetus is driven by three core classrooms teachers.

Core Classroom Teacher: Brooke Haller, Lytton Elementary School

Core Classroom Teacher: Aislinn Mulholland, Ashcroft Elementary School

Core Classroom Teacher: Errin Gregory, Cayoosh Elementary School

The three core teachers come from a variety of educational backgrounds and teach based on their expertise and passions. Expertise ranges from children’s literature, technology fostering active citizenship, global education, fine arts, to writing. Teachers collaborate in three to four face-to- face collaboration days yearly, monthly videoconferencing meetings, and daily email communication. While teachers lie at the core of the project, its success has depended on strong and continued support from school and district administrators.

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